Latest Spotify feature gives creators credit


Spotify’s latest feature is great news for songwriters. Credit: MIH83

The new feature allows users of the platform to view songwriter and producer credits, giving music the transparency it deserves

The ‘show credits’ option will provide users of Spotify with the ability to see who writes and produces the songs they are listening to. Spotify will receive the information from record label metadata and will display the source of credits. They’ve warned this will take time to get right, so expect inaccuracies at first.

This seems like an obvious feature and those who aren’t familiar with the platform would be forgiven for thinking it already existed. Is this addition to the streaming service a case of too little too late?

There was a time when songwriters and producers were recognisable figures, even if only by name. The likes of Bernie Taupin, who writes lyrics for Elton John, and the eighties giants Stock, Aitkin and Waterman were legendary songwriters and producers, responsible of the likes of Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, and Dead Or Alive.

However, since the turn of the millennium, songwriters especially have been overlooked, and the number of music fans who believe the artists are the sole creators of their music is staggering. Even the likes of Taylor Swift get help every now and again.

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