‘There Will Come A Day’ by Amberly Chalberg (EP)

Amberly Chalberg ‘There Will Come A Day’ EP cover
Amberly Chalberg

Amberly Chalberg: has channelled her hurt into a debut she should be proud of.

On her debut EP of country, the Denver-based songwriter wears her motivation on her sleeves and writes from the heart.

Amberly Chalberg 'There Will Come A Day' EP coverThe inspiration for Denver-based songwriter Amberly Chalberg’s new EP came from her father being diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Armed with this knowledge, it is impossible not to give added sentiment to every slightly cracked vocal or tale of family escapades. It also transforms a set of accomplished country songs into something altogether more poignant.

The sweeping Americana of The Forest Song (Love Letters) starts things, setting the emotional tone from the off. Chicago and Float Away continue along a similar path ahead of the record’s standout number Big Blue Truck. It is a bluegrass-tinged nursery rhyme telling the tale of the bond between a daughter and her dad and painting a vivid picture of the pair spending time together. Chalberg sings her heart out on Superhero and brings the EP to a fittingly powerful end.

Context isn’t always necessary and nor does it always add meaning to music, but with There Will Come A Day, Chalberg has channelled her hurt into a debut she should be proud of.

Verdict: Country music with an emotional centre

Duncan Haskell

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