Stoned To Death by Fox And The Law (Album)

Fox And The Law — Stoned To Death album cover
Fox And The Law

Fox And The Law are Guy Keltner (guitar, vocals), Dan O’Neil (drums), Patrick Dougherty (bass) and Peter Williams (guitar)

Seattle’s Fox And The Law have returned with a new album that pays homage to the greats of heavy rock

Fox And The Law — Stoned To Death album covertoned To Death is the third album from Seattle rockers Fox And The Law and is the follow-up to last year’s Empty Cases. With the same band members in place, it is obvious from the start that this album represents the band’s finest work to date, a guitar heavy nod to the greats.

Vocalist/guitarist Guy Keltner has a crackled power in his voice that is part Jack White and part Robert Plant and from the off he leads his band on a sweat-soaked journey through rock history. The chugging riff of Cheap Talk gets things off to a bluesy start before the psychedelic eastern swirl of Hot Water takes over. This continual building of sound and style reaches its peak with Emily. The song begins with deliriously wild guitars and a sludgy bassline and finishes with a flourish of fuzz.

Throughout the ten tracks the rhythm section of Patrick Dougherty on bass and Dan O’Neil on drums lay down a bed of devilish noise on which Keltner can realise his most sordid fantasies. The drumming on Up All Night in particular reaches John Bonham levels of dizzying thunder.

Fox And The Law aren’t afraid to show their influences; Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Stooges and closer to home, Soundgarden. There is even a hint of Carlos Santana samba on Heatstroke. Thankfully though Stoned To Death still manages to sound original, a witches brew of noise to be imbibed deep into the night.

Verdict: Authentic and exhilarating

Duncan Haskell

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