On The Stereo #60

Petite Noir
Petite Noir

Yannick Ilunga AKA Petite Noir: his distinctive vocals prove the perfect foil for Kingdom’s hefty production on Alive

On rotation over the past two weeks are tracks from Petite Noir, Everything Everything, Roo Panes, Bananagun, Bedd and more

Soul To Save

Bristol-based songwriter Gavin Thorpe brings out Soul To Save, raising both funds and awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week. Profound and inspiring, backing vocals come from members of Talk Club.

The Most Beautiful Things

Released earlier this month, The Most Beautiful Things by Canadian country-pop talent Tenille Townes is a meditation on life’s neglected simple pleasures, a premise echoed in the songs uncomplicatedly efficacious arrangement.


Alive is one half of CouerWorld, the new double A-side by Yannick Ilunga and Los Angeles-based producer Kingdom. There’s clear chemistry here, Noir’s distinctive vocals prove the perfect foil for the hefty production.

The Sun Will Rise Over The Year

The Sun Will Rise Over The Year is the sort of song we listen to in bed in the morning – which is where Roo Panes was when he wrote it (his not ours). Ebbing and flowing like our desire to face the day, it eventually entices us from hiding.

Let’s Go

Let’s Go the new single from Singapore-based alternative electro duo .gif was inspired by a line from Waiting for Godot. Once you’ve accepted its nihilistic premise all that’s left is to allow this mesmeric number to wash over you.

In Birdsong

In Birdsong is the first new music by Everything Everything in two years. Still operating at a frequency all of their own, the song pulses and swirls around Jonathan Higgs’ fervent singing. It’s great to have them back!

The River

The healing quality of water comes to the fore on The River by Nashville singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison. The contemplative verses lead to soaring choruses which wash away the past.

Auto Harp

Originally composed for a film project that never happened, there’s an evocative feel about Auto Harp by Bedd. Toy instruments and a musical saw counter Jamie Hyatt’s dry delivery, creating a mood which is both sweeping and intimate.

People Talk Too Much

Sprinkling some Afrobeat, Brazilian tropicalia and psych on top of Bananagun’s clearly talented raw ingredients lends People Talk Too Much a groove all of its own. This is playfully vibrant yet focused music of the best kind.


We’ve got some fresh pop in the shape of Saachi Sen’s Flaunt. Showing off glistening production, her way with a melody and a trophy boyfriend, it’s exactly the kind of light relief we needed.

Mike Batt at French House Party 2024

Listen to these songs and other On The Stereo selections via the Songwriting Magazine Spotify #ONTHESTEREO playlist.

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