On The Stereo #61

Little Kid
Little Kid

Little Kid: the project of Toronto-based songwriter Kenny Boothby

The latest tracks to rock our world, coming from Little Kid, Resa, Laura Evans, Tengger, The Frisbys, Zikai and more


Pushing our definition of what a song actually is to the very limits, Water by Tengger (South Korean/Japanese couple Itta and Marqido) is a calming and evocative soundscape.

I Heard

I Heard is The Frisbys’ fight song, their rallying cry that you can make your dreams come true. It’s also a galloping alt-folk number, adorned with some country accessories and the precise harmonies of sisters Helen and Nicola.

Our River

On Our River Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald paints a picture of a hopeful future. Both his aspirations and the track’s presentation are powerfully simple – who wouldn’t want to spend summers jumping in fresh water and watching stars.

How Long?

The sumptuously bluesy guitar intro is one of the many highlights on Fantastic Negrito’s new single How Long? Taken from his upcoming album Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? this song has a little bit of everything.


If ‘punky dream-pop’ sounds like something of an oxymoron, one listen to All Things Blue’s Chad will put any doubts to bed. India Coombs’ vocals are laced with a bitterness which prevent the listener from getting too comfortable.


Sunday is the new single from Swedish songwriter and actress Theresa Frostad Eggesbø AKA Resa. The welcoming embrace of tender synths and the floating melody are all part of the seduction process on a song that ripples with sensuality.


There’s a laid-back Laurel Canyon feel to Losing by Little Kid (the project of Toronto-based songwriter Kenny Boothby). That relaxed vibe draws you in and then the storytelling takes over, including an ill-fated trip to the dog track.

Inked In Red

Vision Video are a brooding post-punk outfit from Athens, Georgia. Inked In Red is inspired by frontman Dusty Gannon’s experiences in the army and as a paramedic and firefighter – no surprise then that there’s a raw honesty in the lyrics.

Running Back To You

Aberdare’s Laura Evans might be a self-confessed Nashville lover, but that’s not to say her new single is a country pastiche. Instead, Running Back To You is soulful soft rock that brings to mind Fleetwood Mac at their most cathartic.

Champagne For Breakfast

Emerging Swedish artist Zikai has Dua Lipa and Mabel’s knack of creating modern pop songs with throwback appeal. Champagne For Breakfast updates the 90s RnB sound, freshening it up with a tale of (alcohol-inspired) modern romance.

Mike Batt at French House Party 2024

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Words: Duncan Haskell

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