Tupac Shakur to be immortalised in food


Fancy a Thug Passion cake pop?

Pop-up café is to be opened in California to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the legendary rapper

He’s one of the highest selling, most highly regarded and enduring figures of rap. Now Tupac Shakur will also be known for his contribution to the food world, after it was revealed that a café inspired by him will open in California next week.

The Powamekka café opens on 13 September at the Fulton Mall in Fresno, California and a selection of local musicians have been lined-up to perform songs by Tupac on the opening night. It’s name and menu is derived from sketches Tupac made for a cookbook and restaurant. The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles currently has the sketches on display.

Those who visit the Powamekka café will have the chance to select from a menu that includes items such as Thug Passion cake pops (featuring champagne cake with Alize liqueur-flavoured frosting), a California Love Chicken Sandwich, Hennessy Apple Butter chicken wings and a mac-and-cheeseburger.

The Powamekka café has been created by Take 3 Burgers in partnership with Fresno Grizzlies Marketing Director Sam Hansen. Hansen’s previous musical credits include working with Kanye West, for whom he created designs and merchandise. Speaking to The Business Journal about his work on the project, Hansen said: “Working on Powamekka Café makes me feel like I’m bringing Pac’s vision to life like I used to do for Kanye.”

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