‘Lost In The Ebb’ by Getaway Dogs (Album)

Getaway Dogs ‘Lost In The Ebb’ album cover
Getaway Dogs

Getaway Dogs: Kai Killion and Samantha Stone looking for answers in the mystic. Photo: Sarah Arnold

Kai Killion draws inspiration from a life of constant motion to lead his band on a laid back and rhythmic trip

Getaway Dogs 'Lost In The Ebb' album coverKai Killion is the creative force behind Getaway Dogs. Having lived in Eritea and Brazil before settling in California’s Bay Area, it’s perhaps no surprise that his music is a fusion of different rhythms, which marries mellow West Coast grooves with dexterous Latin vibes. Lyrically it’s a searching record, with Killion and his band looking for answers in the mystic.

The instrumental opener Lowtide establishes this mood from the outset and Indonesia slips easily into the same pocket. Samantha Stone’s summery vocals provide a nice counterpoint to Killion’s gruffer style on Wild Guess. Something Like Color TV brings an element of fuzzed guitars to the occasion, providing a welcome gear shift and an example of how versatile this group can be.

Occasionally you sink too deep into the trance, Paper Soul meanders for slightly too long and the album could do with having one or two less tracks. That’s not to say that Lost In The Ebb isn’t a success. At its best, it’s a delight, as on the mesmerising Koda.

Getaway Dogs create an indie-Tropicalismo fusion that will satisfy fans of both genres. If laid-back ambition is a thing, Kai Killion and his talented allies seem to have it in spades.

Verdict: Latin rhythms meet an East Coast mindset

Duncan Haskell

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