‘Jelly’ by Charmpit (EP)

Charmpit ‘Jelly’ EP artwork

Charmpit: the Americans make music that is fun and danceable

This impressive Californian pop-punk band has crossed the Atlantic to deliver bright harmonies and sparkle to the UK and Europe

Charmpit 'Jelly' EP artworkHaving found a home amongst London’s queer DIY music community, Charmpit is a band that people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy. The Americans make music that is fun and danceable. One listen to their sophomore EP Jelly will confirm this fact.

Charmpit has been described as a “delightfully lo-fi affair” by critics alike. And the critics aren’t wrong. The four tracks are full of attention-grabbing melodies, clean guitars and hard-hitting bass. Not one song ventures beyond the three-minute mark, making this a short listen that will leave you craving Charmpit and their palatable flavour.

On Free The Burbs the vocals are laid back and the lyrics are humorous; a typical West Coast quality. Those signature bright harmonies and jangly guitars are the sugar on the cereal. And they dominate the EP, making this the sweetest record of 2017 so far. While on Margot the band exclaim: “Every baby is a natural-born punk,” a statement that provides hope for the future.

Impressively, the band only formed last year as part of First Timers festival, but their sound and chemistry suggests a longer existence. From listening to both EPs, the band has a natural gift when it comes to songwriting. We eagerly await Charmpit’s debut album.

Verdict: These songs won’t disappoint

Dave Chrzanowski

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