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Lonesome Dreams by Lord Huron (Album)

Lord Huron

Endorsed by one Guy Garvey, Lord Huron’s debut album is one release that definitely should NOT be given the Elbow

Lord Huron Lonesomeeavily endorsed by Guy Garvey, Lord Huron’s debut album finds a band arriving fully-formed. It’s bold Americana, set very firmly in the western USA and coming replete with all the requisite slide guitars, thunderous beats, dancing banjo lines and unearthly harmonies. Lyrically it is illuminated by images of nature and the wild, and tells tales of love and travelling.

The production does an incredible job of complimenting such a mood, giving the whole LP a spacious, infinite appeal as songs arrive in a gathering storm. Opener Ends Of The Earth glows like a desert horizon at sundown and fills the heart with its descending, almost Middle Eastern riff. It is the story of a love that, well, would go to the ends of the earth. Time To Run and Lonesome Dreams, too, bound in at breakneck speed.

These momentous, yearning songs are broken with more reflective moments. The Ghost On The Shore achieves its scenic quality with echoed vocals and heavy orchestration, as the production shines again and maintains the album’s desert feel. Lullaby is another serene, porch-light moment, one that leaves you drifting towards a clear, starry sky.

Elsewhere,She Lit A Fire is about searching for a lost love, I Will Be Back One Day explores a similar theme and is built on a warm slide guitar riff, while The Man Who Lives Forever contemplates death but seemingly overcomes it, with joyous glockenspiel and a full, chest-busting sound. In The Wind unfurls into a beautiful love song, closing proceedings triumphantly.

Lonesome Dreams is a traveller’s companion, one whose expansive, roaming musical quality is matched by its lyrical imagery and ambitious production. Just make sure that next time you leave the house you don’t forget to have this record pouring out of your headphones and into your ears.

Verdict: Bold contemporary Americana illuminated by images of nature

Matt Nicholson

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