‘Learn To Leave’ by My Iron Lung (Album)

My Iron Lung ‘Learn To Leave’ album sleeve
My Iron Lung

My Iron Lung: have produced an emotionally wrought musical style

A post-hardcore masterclass from this quartet. Picking up their second album where the first left off is no bad thing

My Iron Lung ‘Learn To Leave’ album sleeveThe world of rock music has seen some exciting sophomore releases in 2016, and this effort from My Iron Lung is up there amongst the best. Adopting a post-hardcore sound that wouldn’t be out of place in the early 2000s, the band have produced an emotionally wrought musical style that sounds just as fresh and exciting today as it would have 16 years ago.

Learn To Leave seems to be a continuation of the band’s 2014 debut album, Relief, which can be a risky move with some fans desperate for a band to show some development in the second album. However, My Iron Lung know their sound and nailed it so well on their debut release that they have the privilege to continue on the same path. There are glaring similarities with bands such as La Dispute and Thursday – two of the most influential and original sounding bands from the post-hardcore/alternative genre. So, if this is the band’s bench mark, a successful career of great longevity awaits.

Learn To Leave has all the hallmarks of a classic post-hardcore album, starting with opening track In Hiding – with its melodic, picked guitar intro – to the raucous chorus of Mend, this album will not disappoint.

Verdict: Post-hardcore is alive and well in 2016

Dave Chrzanowski

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