‘Jane And Barton’ by Jane And Barton (Album)

Jane And Barton album cover
Jane And Barton

Edward Barton: went on to write Confide In Me for Kylie Minogue

This reissued 1983 album from Edward Barton and Jane Lancaster has far more to it than ‘It’s A Fine Day’

Jane And Barton album coverBack in 1993, Opus III’s It’s A Fine Day lead us on a very brief journey into the world of techno. The song was built around a more than generous sample of a track of the same name by Jane And Barton – a collaboration between artist/musician Edward Barton and singer Jane Lancaster. The tune’s parent album, originally from 1983, is now being given a re-release and it’s a world away from clubland.

Lancaster’s vocals are at the centre of all but one of the tracks, and provide a haunting focal point for the album. Songs such as There Is A Man, I Want To Be With You and Leaves Were Falling, as well as the aforementioned It’s A Fine Day, cast a bewitching shadow. The backing music goes beyond minimalist and becomes almost invisibilist, leaving her largely alone until Barton comes crashing through on You Are Over There.

It’s an album that blends elements of poetry, art and music, and the result is fascinating in its pure creative expression. Barton went on to write Confide In Me for Kylie Minogue, a watered-down but still enjoyable version of the striking work on display here. If you missed them the first time around, this re-issue is worthy of your attention.

Verdict: A beautiful relic

Duncan Haskell

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