In Real Life by Fiction (EP)

Fiction – Lonely Planet single cover

Fiction formed in London in the late-2000’s by brothers Mike & Nick Barrett and friend James Howard.

Fiction are back with their new EP – a masterpiece of sound and rhythm that has been worth the wait

Fiction – In Real Life single coveriction have finally returned. Almost two years after the release of their debut album, the London five-piece are back with a new EP which continues where The Big Other left off and shows that they have matured as a band.

Lead track Lonely Planet is a masterpiece of other worldly soundscapes and new wave percussion. Tom Verlaine style guitar runs and luscious harp strings join the mix to help provide the soundtrack to the best party ever held on Arabia Terra. As Mike Barrett coos about holding hands with aliens it is hard not to fall under the song’s hypnotic spell.

News And Weather keeps us in the same place, sounding like the result of secret writing session between David Byrne and Andy Partridge at the height of their respective powers. Existential angst has never sounded as funky as it does on Staying Still complete with its Bootsy bassline. Naming Of Things continues the merriment before ‘Morning Song’ closes things in a shower of shimmering and squelching effects.

In Real Life is a contemplation on the modern world, on technology and loneliness but it is also exhilarating and lively. It leaves you wanting to explore the universe with nothing but some decent headphones and this EP on repeat, hopefully returning to Earth just in time for the new album.

Verdict: A reimagining of the best 80’s music given a futuristic twist.

Duncan Haskell

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