Gutter Gutter Strike Strike Gutter Gutter by Alimony Hustle (Single)

Alimony Hustle
Alimony Hustle

Alimony Hustle, purveyors of “emotive pop gems”

Bristol’s Alimony Hustle may be newcomers but they’re all ready to make a name for themselves on their debut single

Alimony Hustleaving played only a handful of shows so far, emo duo Alimony Hustle might be forgiven for being a little sloppy. You’ll be hard pressed to find any evidence of that, though, on debut single Gutter Gutter Strike Strike Gutter Gutter, with its three tracks of finely crafted, pop-encrusted emo.

Opening with the title track, there’s a little of Castvet’s gorgeous melancholy in the delicate melodies, while the tone bears the same tender sentiment as The Hundredth Anniversary. It then throws a little fuzz over its bones, racing into perkier punk territory. DWUW takes this energy a little further, with a crunch somewhere between Lenin Death Mask and Boyracer’s classic album More Songs About Frustration And Self Hate. This is enhanced by guitar lines taken straight from the Kinsella school of writing. Deep End closes with the duo sat in-between Brandston and The Get Up Kids, displaying a fine knack of when to strip their sound back and when to let the clatter rumble.

Early days it may be, but clearly Alimony Hustle already have a keen grip on what they are and where they wish to take their music; with comfort to be found as much in the confident interplay between the duo, as it can in the ineffably catchy songs that they’re already making.

Emo’s long been a well loved and welcoming genre. Alimony Hustle might be the next act to nestle in its arms and make a name for themselves.

Verdict: Emotive pop gems

Damien Girling

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