‘Another Place And Time’ by Lisa Redford (EP)

Lisa Redford
Lisa Redford

‘Another Place And Time’ is full of crisp melodies and soothing warmth

Latest release from this celebrated songwriter will have fans of folk, country and Americana full of the joys of spring

Lisa Redford

Lisa Redford

The latest release from our very own Lisa Redford – “one of our finest singer/songwriters”, according to Radio 2’s Bob Harris – Another Place And Time sees her working with The Vagaband’s renowned José McGill. McGill contributes double bass, drums, percussion, electric guitar and Hammond organ, as well as taking on recording duties. However, this record is all about Redford.

Opening with Music And Mountains, there’s a touch of country to the track’s charming 60s-ish folk. Another Place And Time continues the theme and highlights the richness to Redford’s vocal, which sits between the velvet touch of Crystal Gayle and the delicate power of Sandy Denny. Remember Me hints at the influence of Counting Crows and Bright Eyes’ alt take on Americana, while closer Worst Kind Of Love has Redford elegantly tackling that time-honoured country inspiration: heartache.

Spring is just beginning to peak open its eyes and gaze upon what summer might be, and with its crisp melodies and soothing warmth Another Place And Time has picked its arrival perfectly. The EP’s four tracks confirm their writer to be just as Bob Harris claimed, and if you’re a fan of folk, country and Americana then this will be the perfect record for you.

Verdict: Elegant and tender folk, country and Americana

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