Fifty Shades Of Blue by Blair Dunlop (Single)

Fifty Shades Of Blue by Blair Dunlop
Blair Dunlop

Blair Dunlop: “whenever I look deeper it just magnifies your sin”

A mature ballad full of observational storytelling which suggests that talented songwriting Blair Dunlop could soon be a household name

Fifty Shades Of Blue by Blair Dunlopifty Shades Of Blue is the third single off of Blair Dunlop’s 2014 album House Of Jacks and as one of the record’s standout tracks it is the perfect song to gain the talented songwriter even further acclaim.

Rather than swamp him, strings, organ and harmonies perfectly compliment and elevate Dunlop’s warm and rich vocal. The organ, in particular, brings a bluesy quality to the track, heightening the singer’s torment as he moans “and whenever I look deeper it just magnifies your sin”.

With his background in The Albion Bad, Dunlop will always be seen firstly as a folk artist, but to label this sumptuous number in the same way would be an injustice, it has as much crossover appeal as any ballad by Ed Sheeran, James Bay or Hozier and is worthy of a similarly large audience.

Verdict: A superbly crafted number.

Duncan Haskell

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