EXCLUSIVE! ‘Younger Days’ by Bronco Simmons

Bronco Simmons
Bronco Simmons

Bronco Simmons

Our first exclusive of the week is this five-track EP from garage rock five-piece Bronco Simmons, who hail from Texas

Younger Days EP Cover ArtThis week’s first exclusive is the Younger Days EP from Texas quintet Bronco Simmons, a band whose Twitter page describes their musical remit as “garage rock for the people”.

Bronco Simmons began life at St Mark’s School in Dallas in 2007, though the band didn’t fully take shape until 2013. But it was at St Marks where singer/guitarist Jorge Hinojosa and bassist Dominic Garcia began jamming together, inspired by their mutual love of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were soon joined by guitarist Brendan Freeman and keyboardist Cole Gerthoffer, with drummer Brian McClain added to the line-up just a couple of months ago.

They say of the EP: “The Younger Days EP is our introduction to the world, and we’re mighty proud of it. The writing of the EP felt natural; it’s definitely a representation of us being ourselves and having fun. The recording process was a breeze thanks to the help of our producer Frenchie Smith out of Austin, TX. Little by little the songs started sounding like they did in our heads… we are so happy with the final product. From the ear-worm of a chorus on Heavy Chandeliers to the elevating outro on Away She Goes, we feel that this EP captures all of our favourite sounds and we’re confident that listeners will respond in a positive way! This is just the beginning for us, so keep an eye because we’ll be back soon.”

The hype sheet suggests a wide array of influences for Bronco Simmons, from Queen and Rush to Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes via Dinosaur Jr and the Pixies. So give it a listen and see what you hear…

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