EXCLUSIVE! ‘The Wind & The Echo’ by Tobias The Owl

Tobias The Owl
Tobias The Owl

Tobias The Owl

Our first exlusive this week comes from Tobias The Owl, an 11-piece ‘folktronica’ band from the northwest of the USA

This week’s first exclusive comes from Tobias The Owl, an 11-piece “folktronica, acoustic, indie, folk, low-fi” project based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The Wind And The Echo is the first track to made public from the band’s forthcoming album Every Eye Is A Universe.

Tobias The Owl consist of Spooner Mason (vox, guitar, piano), Scott Seiver (drums, harmonium, guitar, percussion), Angela Meekhof (vox, shaker), Yun-En Liu (violin, vocals), Marvin Etzioni (guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion), Eric Haber (guitar, synths, keyboards, percussion), Ben Kent (percussion), Doug Indrick (percussion, b/vox), Phil Hirschi (cello), Thene Singleton (percussion, sound) and Jeremy Sever (percussion). Their songs come courtesy of songwriter Elijah Dhawan, and they describe themselves as “an indieacoustic, folktronica, collaborative project spanning different regions and different musical genres. We emphasize sublimating the tribulations of human existence into expressions of love through music.”

Of today’s track, Mason tells us:  “The Wind And The Echo is about the role that love plays in turning a house into a home, and turning a home into a place in the world. Buildings crumble and erode over time, leaving skeletal echoes of the lives we may have once lived, but love is the wind that transforms us in ways that are beyond what can be measured in the physical or material world. The song was written during a visit to Saint Louis, while I was walking through a desolate expanse of abandoned factories.

“As I walked through miles of empty, silent factories, the structures towered over me. I thought about how millions of dollars and millions of hours of labour had been spent in building and operating structures that were now obsolete, standing as reminders of the way human structures can seem permanent and imposing, but eventually are abandoned and forgotten. This made me wonder what parts of our society are permanent. Maybe the most permanent parts of our civilisation are the most intangible. Maybe it’s the spiritual, ineffable forces that move us that are permanent forces and affect society in ways that are ultimately more profound.”

See what you think…

Like that? Then find Tobias The Owl on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, or at their own website.


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