EXCLUSIVE! ‘Tempest & Rapture’ by The Deer

The Deer
The Deer

The Deer. Pic: Michael Schaffer

This week’s Monday exclusive is once more an entire album, as Austin folk/dream-pop combo The Deer unveil their third full-length

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, because this week’s Monday exclusive is a full album and with 17 tracks, you could be there a while! So, without further prevarication or preamble, allow us to present Tempest & Rapture, the third long-player from Austin, Texas-based five-piece The Deer.

The Deer, who describe themselves as a “psych-folk surf-dream” band, came into being in 2012 when singer Grace Park was recording some of her solo work. She and Jesse Dalton (upright bass), Michael McLeod (guitar) and Alan Eckert (drums, vocals) evidently got along so well in the studio that they decided to make it a full-time partnership, and Grace Park & The Deer were born. They released their debut album An Argument For Observation under that name in 2013, before shortening it to simply The Deer for their second album, On The Essence Of The Indomitable Spirit, in 2015.

Now, having added a fifth member in the shape of Noah Jeffries on fiddle, mandolin and guitar, they’re ready to release Tempest & Rapture, of which they tell us: “Our most mature and collaborative effort yet, Tempest & Rapture solidifies the organic essence of who we are as songwriters and, collectively, as players. This new album both exemplifies and attests to the cohesive qualities of our musical chemistry, which can only be born out of a decade-plus long friendship filled with creative endeavours, tragedy, and endless artistic and cosmic exploration.”

You can hear the album below. We’d say it’s the folk (and indeed country) influences that come to the fore this time out, but you of course can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find The Deer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or at their own website.

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  1. Sundry Masters

    Bad Translator – the vocals are incredible!

    The harmonies on this album are fantastic. I don’t know what kind of music you call it, but I’m in.

  2. Scarlett Howard

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Just when you thought this band couldn’t get any more beautiful, they did. Blessed to know them. <3 Cheers!

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