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Steinberg Nashville screenshot
Steinberg Nashville screenshot

A screenshot of Steinberg Nashville’s user interface displaying the 13-piece Yamaha drum kit

Steinberg releases the Nashville drum expansion set for the Groove Agent software instrument, covering a range of country music styles

German music software specialist, Steinberg Media Technologies has announced the immediate availability of Nashville, the newest expansion pack in the line of VST Sound Instrument Sets for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. With over 7GB of content, the Nashville drum kit provides more than 8,000 samples that were recorded by Grammy-award-winning sound engineer Chad Carlson at the Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Additional exclusive drum MIDI grooves were played by Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore).

Each instrument of the 13-piece Yamaha drum set was sampled at 24-bit resolution in 16 velocities and five round robins. With close room, far room and roof microphones, several options can be used to vary the sound of the drums. The additional trash microphone lets you blend this extra character to the mix.

The 21 styles included in Nashville cover a range of classic, 90s and contemporary country music, from soulful ballads to country-inflected R&B to lively country rock grooves. All styles are variable in complexity and intensity from within Groove Agent’s Style Player, and each style includes several intros, fills and endings.

Steinberg’s Matthias Quellmann commented: “We at Steinberg are proud that we had the chance to work with such brilliant people in this amazing studio on this project. The result really speaks for itself.”

The Nashville VST set is exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop at €59.99 (approx. £47). For more details, visit

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