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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Not Sorry’ by Lady & Jones

Lady & Jones

Tonight’s exclusive is from the excellent Lady & Jones

It’s Monday and that can mean only one thing. That’s right, Songwriting are back with another wonderful exclusive for you

LA husband and wife alt-pop duo Lady & Jones have known each other nearly their entire lives and have been performing together for the last ten years. It shows on their new single Not Sorry, where their pair are in complete musical harmony.

Speaking of the song, they say: “People have been asking why we write about volatile relationships like the one in Not Sorry when we are happily married. For us music is not solely expressing how we feel in a situation. Not Sorry is a perfect example of how music has led us to be a conduit for the people around us. The song is heavily influenced by failing relationships and the raw emotion that is born from these situation.”

They’ve been likened to Us The Duo and Karmin. However, we’re not stopping there, as we also think that fans of Less Is More and Ellie Goulding will think that Lady & Jones are A-ok. But what do we know, listen below and make up your own damn mind…

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  1. N.A.

    The music in this song is nice as are the vocals … there is clearly a great deal of talent. However, seeings as how this is a happily married couple, the subject matter seems out of their range and maturity. Stick to writing about that which you know, then it will be less of just singing and more emotional investment will shine through.

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