EXCLUSIVE! Nita Chawla – They Scream

Nita Chawla
Nita Chawla

Nita Chawla’s new EP ‘Grace’ will be out next month

This week’s Thursday track exclusive comes from Nita Chawla, a singer-songwriter from Washington DC with a very festival-friendly pop/rock sound

es, it’s Thursday again which means its time for another track exclusive here at Songwriting! This week, you’re getting a world-first listen to They Scream, which is to be the lead single from the forthcoming second EP by Washington DC-based Nita Chawla.

Born in Mississippi, Nita moved to Washington with her family at the age of three, which is also about the time she started singing. Guitar and piano lessons soon followed, and by her teenage years Nita had started writing her own material and playing live around the Washington DC area. Her first EP Fall Again was released in 2009; her second, Grace (from which They Scream is taken) will be out in February.

Nita says of They Scream: “Writing this song was a collaborative, creative process. This was the third song I co-wrote at House Studio as a part of their artist grant programme. The other writers and I decided this sounded like someone running from the authorities. Then we went wild with brainstorming ideas of what she was running from and what deplorable thing she did to get herself in this situation, and of course the melody and lyrics just came naturally from there. I was almost shocked as we wrote it because usually everything I write is pretty much autobiographical. But with this song, even though I would never be the ‘main character’, I still somehow contributed to the sordid details of this woman’s story! That’s when I realised that the process of being more imaginative while songwriting really appealed to me. Not everything I write has to be exactly my life story: I can explore darker themes and made up stories.”

We think They Scream will appeal to fans of artists such as Florence & The Machine, Jess Glyne or Lana Del Rey. But as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like what you hear? Then find Nita Chawla on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, or at her own website

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