EXCLUSIVE! ‘Look At Me I’m A Horse’ by Cleo T.


Today’s exclusive is from the brilliant Cleo.T

Today’s exclusive’s from a skilled Parisian songwriter, who’s worked together with musicians from across the globe to produce the song

Today we bring you lucky people a brilliant song from the hugely talented Cleo T. She’s a Parisian songwriter who splits her time between her home city and Berlin, and who has worked together with musicians from across the globe to produce her brilliant song Look At Me I’m A Horse.

Of the track, Cleo T. says: “13 h 06, 1065 km between the two cities I live and work in, Paris and Berlin. I saw a documentary tracing the itinerary of wolves in the wild across Europe, from Italy to Poland. Seeing silent pictures of landscapes. Crossing borders. Turning theoretical concepts, « country », « frontier » into personal experiments, hours, days, kilometers. Things can be within reach.”

Taking this as her inspiration, Cleo T. has created a song that hums with 80s synth-pop chic and has the arresting power of 90s’ alt-pop, while drawing in elements of neo-soul and French-pop.

She’s been likened to Kate Bush and Florence + the Machine. We’re sure fans of those artists will enjoy Look At Me I’m A Horse, but think it will also find favour among followers of Bitter Ruin, La Roux and Love Hotel. As always, though, we’ll leave the final decision on that up to you…

Like that? Then find Cleo T. on Twitter, and Facebook or at her own website.

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