EXCLUSIVE! ‘Icarus’ [Opolopo Remix] by Amana Melome’

Amana Melome
Amana Melome

Amana Melome’. Pic by Myra Vides

We veer into leftfield territory in this week’s exclusive, with the video to Opolopo’s remix of jazz chanteuse Amana Melome’

This week’s Monday exclusive sees us venturing into slightly more electronic territory than normal, as we unveil the video for Icarus by Stockholm-based neo-soul/jazz singer Amana Melome’… as remixed by Swedish producer Opolopo.

Some of you may recall that Melome’ has featured in our exclusive slot before, with Save My Soul Tonight back in April. You can see her original version of Icarus below, but Opolopo’s remix takes the track into broken beat territory, complete with the fractured drums and squelchy 80s synth-bass that characterise the genre. The accompanying video was shot entirely on an iPhone by Melome’ herself – much of it on the Pacific Coast Highway between Malibu and Los Angeles, but some parts on her travels around Asia and Europe.

“Icarus is the tale of a youth who strayed too close to the Sun, burnt his wings and fell to his death,” says the press release, “but Amana tells the cautionary parallel story of Fame, represented in this case by the Sun. Of the thirst and desire in many, to reach the highest of heights, and the warning that it too can burn and destroy.”

See what you think… here’s the brand new, see-it-here first Opolopo remix:

and here’s Amana Melome’s original version:

Like that? Then find Amana Melome’ on Twitter and Facebook, or at her own website.

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