EXCLUSIVE! ‘Hungry Heart’ by Banta


No need to get upset, it’s only Banta!

Our third great exclusive for you this week is this delicate slice of acoustic indie-folk-pop from Los Angeles-based five-piece Banta

The exclusives and premieres keep coming thick n’ fast here at Songwriting, with tonight’s offering a haunting piece of acoustic loveliness from Banta, a five-piece indie outfit who call the City Of Angels home. Hungry Heart is their next single and is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Dark Charms.

Banta vocalist Sharaya Mikael gave up a steady career to pursue her musical passions full-time in 2010. Originally based in Nashville, she relocated to LA in 2013, forming Banta when she got there. Since then, they’ve received favourable write-ups from publications and websites such as The Owl Mag, PopdoseVinyl District and – most recently – The Huffington Post, picking up comparisons with the likes of Fleetwood Mac along the way. Dark Charms, produced by Andrew Stonestreet, Andy Brohard and Ryan Castle, is out on eOne/Fast Plastic Records on 15 April.

Of Hungry Heart itself, Sharaya tells us: “I read a book – Turning Stones by Mark Parent – that followed the experiences of a social worker in NYC in the 90s. One of the kids in this book inspired this song: the words just kind of fell onto the page as I stepped into her perspective. Hungry Heart is about feeling unloveable and sabotaging any chances of love for fear of losing it. I think we can all relate to that feeling. My heart broke for this little girl who’d built up so many walls, when really she was just starving for love and affection.”

So here it is… see what you think!

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