EXCLUSIVE! ‘Goodnight Persephone’ by Alejandra Ribera

Alejandra Ribera
Alejandra Ribera

Alejandra Ribera. Pic: Kristina Wagenbauer

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s new single is out next Friday, but Songwriting readers can hear it first right here, right now!

Our third Songwriting exclusive of the week is the world premiere of Goodnight Persephone, the forthcoming single from Canadian singer-songwriter Alejandra Ribera. It’s out a week today (11 March), and trails her debut album La Boca, which will be released on 25 March.

Alejandra was born and raised in Canada by her Argentinean father and Scottish mother. She has recorded and toured with various indie bands from the Montreal area, including The Barr Brothers, and was declared Best New Artist at both the Vancouver and Edmonton folk festivals in 2014.

Goodnight Persephone nods to Alejandra’s Scottish heritage with its use of bagpipes, and we think it’s most likely to appeal to fans of contemporary alt-folk. But as ever, you can make up your own minds!

Like that? Then find Alejandra Ribera on Facebook and Twitter, or at her own website. If you happen to be in London next week, you can also catch her playing live at Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston on Tuesday night (8 March)

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