EXCLUSIVE! ‘Fool’s Gold’ by Emily Clibourn

Emily Clibourn
Emily Clibourn

Emily Clibourn’s self-titled solo debut drops at the end of summer

This week’s Thursday exclusive comes from LA-based singer-songwriter Emily Clibourn, who’s sharing the first track from her soon-come debut album

es, Thursday’s rolled around once again, which means it’s once again time for Songwriting to bring you a world-exclusive brand new track. This week it’s LA’s Emily Clibourn in the hotseat, as she shares the video for Fool’s Gold, taken from her self-titled debut solo album.

Note that we said “debut solo album” there. Having moved to Los Angeles from Chicago with her family at the age of 13, Emily first pursued a career in acting before deciding that her heart lay in music. She’s recorded a number of albums with other people’s projects – including Black Eyed Peas’ DJ Motiv8, and Philly hip-hop ensemble The Lost Children Of Babylon – but Emily Clibourn, due out at the end of summer, will be her first full-length under her own name. And Fool’s Gold is the very first track on it.

Emily describes the video for Fool’s Gold as “a story of self-redemption and the quest for spirituality. It’s a montage of psychedelic and religious imagery, earthy and astral projections, outer space, racing cars, black holes and a girl who is desperate to find more. It touches on having misled perceptions of love and the things we do to temporarily ease the mind. It is about a journey that leads us to greater, more mysterious, more magical realities. A place where there is nothing to prove and there is only love.”

The hype sheet recommends this slice of torch-y, soul- and jazz-tinged adult pop to fans of Lykke Li and Lana Del Ray. We’d say Amy Winehouse would be another valid comparison but, as always, you can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find out more about Emily on Facebook or at her official website

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