On The Stereo #67

Black Pumas. Photo: Greg Giannukos
Black Pumas. Photo: Greg Giannukos

Black Pumas I’m Ready: the kind of soulful stuff we’ve come to expect from the duo. Photo: Greg Giannukos

Here are some superb new tracks from Black Pumas, Emily Breeze, Tempesst, Yukon Blonde, Seraphina Simone, Nosaj Thing and more

I’m Ready

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and a year without new original music has us drooling over I’m Ready. Available on the expanded edition of Black Pumas’ debut album, it’s the kind of soulful stuff we’ve come to expect from the duo.

Hey Kidz

A cautionary tale told in Emily Breeze’s inimitable way, Hey Kidz adroitly balances a sense of humour and some genuine advice for youngsters hoping to avoid clichéd rock ‘n’ roll pitfalls.

In Love Again

Several melodies collide and intertwine on Yukon Blonde’s new song In Love Again. Cutting through this melodic mist are the vocals of keyboardist Rebecca Gray, on lead for the first time.


Having successfully fought off Covid-19, Reverend John Wilkins will be releasing his new album Trouble next month. If the title track is anything to go by, we can look forward to more of the sure-footed blues we’ve come to expect from him.


A song of three parts, that’s in and done in less than three minutes, Pom Poko’s Andrew is an explosion of ideas (never at the expense of rhythm or melody) which highlights just how original these Norwegian pop punks are.

High On My Own

A driving rhythm kicks off High On My Own, the new single from indie-psych band Tempesst. Then, just as you’re buckled in for the ride, the sunshine streams in through the windows and the journey arrives somewhere altogether more spacious and lush.

Hollywood $$$

With backing from the PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music, Hollywood $$$ is the latest single from London’s Seraphina Simone. Don’t be distracted by the nectared vocals and shimmering production, this is a tale of the dark seductiveness of fame in Tinseltown.

If Anyone Asks

Just as you think you’ve got the measure of Tender Creature’s If Anyone Asks, a rippling beat takes things in a whole new direction. Steph Bishop and Robert Maril clearly know how to pull together different influences in order to make something genuinely original and affecting.


On Pyramids by yllwshark, tumbling pianos and eerie strings create a lavish atmosphere, one that is matched by Sam West’s vocals. Think a less detached Radiohead with added saxophone snarls and you’re halfway there.

For The Light

Deep groove established from the off, For The Light by Nosaj Thing (Jason Chung) continues to reveal new layers of atmosphere. The close-mic’d vocals might try to keep you at arms length but the overall vibe is just too inviting.

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Words: Duncan Haskell

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