EXCLUSIVE! ‘Erupt (Orchestral)’ Be The Bear

Erupt-Be The Bear
Erupt-Be The Bear

Today’s exclusive is from the wonderful, Be The Bear

Today’s exclusive is an orchestral track by a gifted Swedish songwriter, who might just become your new favourite Norse-pop artist

Christina Wehage began writing songs when she was just 14. She moved to London three years later and spent the next half decade honing her songwriting, before returning to Sweden to start her own music studio and record label at the edge of 22. The result of this is her superb Norse-pop alias, Be The Bear.

We’re fortunate to bring you an orchestral version of Be The Bear’s excellent single, Erupt. Of the song, Wehage says: “Erupt is my love song to new challenges and a reminder to always give everything. It’s an invocation to the fearlessness in all of us. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this song. The process of writing and producing it was a joy, and I’ve been receiving lovely messages daily from people all over the world, which is a huge thing, I feel very lucky.”

Continuing: “Hearing a 60-piece string orchestra play my song live was one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life so far. I literally succeeded to do something on my first single that I had dreamt of achieving many years from now, if luck would let me. So I cannot tell you how pleased I am to start off like this.”

She’s been likened to Aurora, Emiliana Torrini, Björk and Susanne Sundfør. We couldn’t agree more and are adding Rae Morris and Foxes to the mix. As always, though, we’ll let you listen below and challenge yourself to come up with your own comparisons…

Like that? Then find Be The Bear on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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