EXCLUSIVE! ‘Blue Heart’ by Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey
Maya Solovey

Today’s exclusive is from the brilliant Maya Solovey

Today’s exclusive comes courtesy of an artist whose nomadic existence is contrasted by the clarity of her eclectic pop songwriting

New York resident Maya Solovéy was born in Philadelphia, but raised in a Massachusetts Ashram. During her eclectic life, she’s lived in Ecuador, Spain, New Zealand and Brazil. All of this travel has impacted on her songwriting and the success of this cultural diversity can be seen in the 100,000 downloads that her self-titled third album has had.

Blue Heart is the title track of Solovey’s latest album and of the song she says: “Blue Heart came as from the months I spent writing and preparing for this album. Since I had been mostly known as a quiet folk artist up to this time, this song was sort of a declaration that I am capable of exploring other genres and sounds, particularly a loud rockin’ pop song in this case.”

She’s been likened to Lhasa De Sela, Feist and Maïa Vidal. We’re also recommending her to fans of Alanna Cherote and Cilla Jane, as we’re sure they’ll also like Blue Heart’s pop appeal. Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen below and decide for yourselves…

Like that? Then find Maya Solovey on YouTube, SoundCloud Twitter, and Facebook or at her own website.

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