EXCLUSIVE! ‘An Island Miles Away’ by Hovey Otis

Hovey Otis
Hovey Otis

Hovey Otis. Pic: L Callahan

We have some summery guitar pop for you in this week’s Monday exclusive, coming from New York-based singer-songwriter Hovey Otis

This week’s Monday exclusive is a slice of uptempo, radio-friendly guitar pop from New York-based singer-songwriter Hovey Otis. The track is taken from his forthcoming EP Fool’s Gold, which will be out in July.

Hailing originally from Vermont, Hovey Otis’s real name is Tim Davis; Hovey Otis was actually the name of his great-great-grandfather, who was an engineer and a professor at Dartmouth College. He began writing and performing his own songs at the tender age of 16, moving to Brooklyn after graduating to pursue a musical career. The Hovey Otis project was born in late 2013, and his debut EP Standing Alone was released in 2015.

Tim says of the song: “”I wrote this as a sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing. I was just getting back from a trip to Long Island, and felt like there was a growing distance between myself and the loved ones around me.”

With the track’s vaguely Hawaiian overtones, the obvious comparison here would be Jack Johnson. Bruno Mars is another name that springs to mind but as ever, you can make your own mind up…

Like that? Then find Hovey Otis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or at his own website.

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