Dream All Over by Gun Outfit

‘Dream All Over’ by Gun Outfit (Single)

Gun Outfit

“Gun Outfit seek to reel in their audience by throwing out a net of psychedelia.”

Those of you who refuse to accept the dying embers of summer will find much to enjoy in Gun Outfit

Dream All Over by Gun OutfitThe pysch-pop duo Gun Outfit sound like a songwriting partnership birthed among the weed-cloud sheep of George Harrison’s hallucinations on Dream All Over.

Opening amidst clattering and tumbling melodies, the song sounds like the soundtrack to a journey deep into the search for the Jim Morrison of Wayne’s World 2 – lost among wide open skies and a barren desert punctuated by glassy cacti. The vocals add to the spacey vibe and leave you feeling, at the track’s close, that you’ve woken from the haze of a blissed-out acid trip.

Dream All Over has little by the way of hooks and gives the sense that Gun Outfit seek to reel in their audience by throwing out a net of psychedelia and letting them swim with glazed eyes into their clutches. As summer’s embers die out, this is a sentimental reminder of its warmth and a fitting riposte to winter’s inevitable chill.

Verdict: Glowing psychedelia to keep the cold at bay

Damien Girling

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