Drawing Space by Grounders (Single)

Grounders Drawing Space

Grounders trail their debut album with the single ‘Drawing Space’

With ‘Drawing Space’, Canadian four-piece Grounders have created a jangling slice of psych-pop that’d be perfect for long summer days

Grounders Drawing Spacerounders’ self-titled debut album is set for release next month and the Toronto-based quartet have released the summery Drawing Space to help whet a few appetites in the meantime. Awash with jangly guitars and a 60s backbeat, it will leave you feeling the contentment of a summer’s day spent with new friends.

The opening arpeggio lick has something of The Chordettes’ Mr Sandman to; then a swirling layer of guitars envelopes Andrew Davis’ vocals until they themselves become another melody line. Halfway into the song the whole thing breaks down and for a brief moment synths threaten to cast a shadow over the sunbathing, but just as quickly the tune returns and it sounds more triumphant than ever.

Drawing Space is breezy and light but make no mistake, Grounders know how to play. Now bring on that album.

Verdict: A sun-baked nostalgic trip

Duncan Haskell

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