‘Psychic Tears’ by Esther Joy (EP)

Esther Joy ‘Psychic Tears’ EP artwork
Esther Joy

Esther Joy: music’s answer to Tracey Emin

This London-based songwriter and producer doesn’t stay in one place for too long and her latest EP tells us why

Esther Joy 'Psychic Tears' EP artworkUsing a synth like a folkie uses a guitar, Esther Joy bears her soul to the world on her latest EP Psychic Tears. Taking inspiration from her dysfunctional early life, Joy builds a collage with her music and lyrics, making her music’s answer to Tracey Emin.

In her latest single, Samgel, there is a battle going on between her and some unsavoury characters. The electronic textures are dark, portraying the primal nature of said characters. Joy uses electronic sounds to build textured worlds in which she escapes reality. That element of escapism comes across clearly in her music; the listener is instantly transported somewhere else. However, it’s not all doom and gloom – there are hints of artists like Robyn tucked between the anxious folds, providing moments of joy.

Friendless Necessity is a more upbeat affair, even if the lyrics retain an element of despair. The melody is catchy enough to make you believe something positive is afoot.

Psychic Tears was written, recorded and produced solely by Joy. Music fans of all genres will appreciate the level of her talents, while there is enough dark synth and danceable melodies to keep everyone happy. The listening experience isn’t a straightforward journey, so be prepared to be excited, tormented and vulnerable. But mostly excited.

Verdict: Dynamic electronics and bewitching lyrics

Dave Chrzanowski

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