‘Back To Pike Place’ by Angéline (EP)

Angeline ‘Back To Pike Place’ EP cover

Angéline is very much a child of the world, hailing from Loire Atlantique in France and now based in London

Over a smattering of basic beats and rhythms inspired by the streets, Angéline has constructed a beautiful collection of songs.

Angeline 'Back To Pike Place' EP coverOriginally hailing from Loire Atlantique in France and now based in London, Angéline is very much a child of the world. Inspiration for her latest EP came from subjects as diverse as the Nepalese earthquake and salsa dancing in Havana. All these tracks are built on basic beats and rhythms, constructed from whatever Angéline could get her hands on. This genesis gives the EP an aura of universal accessibility, proving you don’t need an expensive studio to write powerful music.

Collaborator Garry Cosgrove has built upon these simple beginnings to bolster Angéline’s soundscapes whilst managing to keep their natural feel. On tracks such as Aama this fusing of styles creates a tapestry of pulsing layers. Black Butterflies and While I Was Away are equally mesmerising, somehow sounding like a cross section of a mountain; dense, organic and packed with history. The French singing in Si J’avais La Choix only adds to the worldy feel.

Angeline’s voice is very much the star of the show, whether singing or providing percussive noises her vocals are both elaborate and enchanting. This is music that comes from her soul and the most natural sounding thing in the world.

Verdict: The sounds of a world broken down to its simplest elements

Duncan Haskell

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