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Liddy Clark
Liddy Clark

Liddy Clark: “I’m hoping my songs bring a certain sense of comfort to people, a certain ease.”

The Texas-born singer-songwriter takes a quick break from recording her distinctive blend of country-pop to talk about creating under lockdown

Currently locked down due to the USA stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Texan-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Liddy Clark hasn’t let that stop her from creating new music. In fact, whilst at home she has been recording a new project and has been working with esteemed producer Mark Siegel.

Liddy’s work ethic is admirable. And, as well as being a talented vocalist, she is a songwriter who frequently looks to capture the mood of the moment. An effortless storyteller, her music is a stunning blend of country and pop.

So, with America beginning to ease its lockdown restrictions and Liddy gearing up for new releases, now felt like a great time to catch up with the inspired performer…

How are you finding the experience of recording during lockdown?

“It’s definitely very different than it was before! I’ve set up a small studio in my bedroom and am able to get done what I need to do here, while my producer in Nashville is able to do his job remotely by connecting to my laptop.”

Considering you’re writing and recording exclusively at home at the moment, where are you currently looking to for inspiration?

“I’ve been watching a lot of TV, definitely, and so I can use that for inspiration sometimes. I also tend to write songs about big moments in my life after the main emotional storm has rolled through, so I’m going back over old journal entries and writing about things that happened before lockdown as well.”

You’re using the same mic as Billie Eilish, can you tell us about the quality that brings to your songs?

“It’s a really neat microphone! It has the internal software to act as any one of eight different microphones, so I think the ability to change intonation and overall sound depending on the song is really cool.”

You’ve also been working with Mark Siegel, how has that been for you?

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“I am! It’s been a blast, I definitely feel like working with him has given me the ability to have more input on what I want these songs to sound like and have a more active role in the creation of this project.”

What kind of production sound is Mark bringing to your songs?

“He’s got the best of both worlds for me, he’s in Nashville so he’s able to keep current on country music while still working with more pop artists and different types of genres. I don’t want my music to be constricted by a label or idea of what it’s supposed to sound like, I want it to become the most natural and uninfluenced version of the song it can be. I feel like we’re doing a good job at that.”

Along with making music at home, you also plan on sharing new tracks during this time. When can we expect the songs to release?

“That’s a great question! I’m not sure as of yet when the first track will be out, but I definitely want to release it this year. We’re also recording a lot more songs this year so who knows if it’ll just be a single!”

What are you hoping to bring to the world during this current climate, through your music?

“I’m hoping my songs bring a certain sense of comfort to people, a certain ease. I write music that is real to me and honest to my emotions and so I hope these lyrics and melodies resonate with everyone who listens to them.”

How are you finding co-write sessions whilst practising social distancing?

“It’s definitely difficult! Zoom works alright but there’s really nothing like being in the same room as someone and getting to feel their energy first-hand.”

Do you have any plans to tour once it’s safe to do so?

“Yes, but I may take a little while after the all-clear is given. I’m one of those people who absolutely loves live music and won’t wait forever to get back out there, however we are in the midst of a pandemic and I would never want to risk my safety or the safety of those who choose to come out to see my live shows.”

What would you like to say to your fans during this time of lockdown?

“We’re all right there with ya! I haven’t met a single person who is having an easy time with the current climate we are in, so just know that this won’t last forever and we will be back to ‘normal’ when it is safe.”

Interview: Laura Klonowski

Liddy Clark’s latest single Hit & Run is out now. Find out more at liddyclark.com

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