Rotosound launches new guitar and bass care products

Rotosound guitar care products
Rotosound guitar care products

Rotosound Guitar Polish, String Cleaner Lube and Lemon Oil: do what they say on the tin

The British strings brand shows it cares about your instruments, with a new range of polish, oil and cleaning fluids

ritish guitar and bass string manufacturing company, Rotosound claims its products are “all about getting the best sound out of a stringed instrument”, and now they go one step towards proving this by creating – for the first time – a new range of care products: Guitar Polish (GP4), String Cleaner Lube (SC2) and Lemon Oil (LO2).

The Guitar Polish is specially formulated to maintain the condition of stringed instruments. Its cleaning action reduces fingerprinting, streaking, dust and grime, restoring an instrument’s shine and lustre, and the polish continues to work after application protecting guitars and basses from dust build up.

String Cleaner Lube is a silicone-based lubricant which aids friction reduction, but also helps to prolongs string life and the brightness of the string tone. Used correctly it can speed up and increase the fluidity of playing, make sliding effortless and pull-offs easier, as well as improve fretting accuracy.

Lemon Oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner that will keep the fret board of guitars and basses looking fresh and playing at their best. It helps remove dirt, grease and wax build up on instruments and combat the drying and cracking of the wood.

The Guitar Polish will have a recommended retail price of £6.50, with the String Cleaner Lube and Lemon Oil both suggested to retail at £5.95 each. All the care products come in compact bottles, to make them convenient to carry in instrument cases. To find out more, visit:

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