‘You Are Here’ by Ordinary Noise (Single)

Ordinary Noise ‘You Are Here’ single cover
Ordinary Noise

Ordinary Noise: the Colchester boys have come up with a unique sound

The new single from Colchester’s Ordinary Noise weds atmospheric noise with a contemplative lyric and the results are impressive

Ordinary Noise 'You Are Here' single coverou Are Here begins with Lou Terry singing “I’ve been living on a pale blue dot, you’ve been living on a pale blue dot too” over atmospheric guitar lines. Inspired by the astronomer Carl Sagan it is a reflection on how being a tiny part of the universe doesn’t make you insignificant and falling in love is still something precious.

The music may be immersive, with layers building continuously throughout, but the songwriting is introspective. By combining their sonic palette with lyrics that could easily belong to a less expansive artist like Jeffrey Lewis, the Colchester boys have come up with a unique sound. Adding to this originality is Terry’s slight and screeching vocal which constantly vies for attention with the swirling music that holds it captive.

If Ordinary Noise continue making music this impressive they’ll be a whole lot bigger than a dot on the musical landscape.

Verdict: Simultaneously bold and thoughtful

Duncan Haskell

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