Korg releases new Pitchblack Advance

Pitchblack Advance
Pitchblack Advance

Pitchblack Advance: a newly developed form combined with functions and technologies developed for previous models

Latest pedal tuner offers better visibility, ±0.1 cent accuracy, four meter display modes and up to 60 hours battery life

Korg has revealed the latest in the company’s long line of pedal tuners, the Pitchblack Advance. This next-generation model, is a further evolution that features a newly developed form combined with functions and technologies developed for previous models of the Pitchblack.

Featuring a slanted design, the Pitchblack Advance aims to retain a toughness, while also becoming lighter in weight. The display features high-brightness color LEDs, to provide greater visibility, whether it’s used on a dimly lit stage or outdoors in bright sunlight.

When using strobe mode, the Pitchblack Advance allows ‘ultra-high-precision’ tuning with ±0.1 cent accuracy. Four meter display modes can be selected to suit a particular playing style. In addition to the standard ‘Regular mode’, using ‘Strobe mode’ or ‘Half-strobe mode’ indicates the pitch change for visualisation of even minute differences, as well as ‘Mirror mode’ in which two LEDs move from left and right to coincide in the centre during tuning.

True bypass design allows the input sound to be output with absolutely no change (when the tuner is off). In other words, the tuner circuit does not change, degrade, or colour its user’s sound. The input sound can also be completely muted when the tuner is on.

If a separately sold AC adaptor is used, the DC OUT jack can supply power to another effect unit. Since a dedicated power supply circuit is provided for DC OUT, it can provide stable and noiseless 9V 200 mA power. The Pitchblack Advance is equipped with a circuit that suppresses sudden changes in current, and also applies software control, to avoid the occurrence of such noise.

With approximately 30 hours on zinc-carbon batteries and approximately 60 hours on alkaline batteries, this new unit achieves power-life that is six times greater than the Pitchblack.

Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed. For more details, visit: korguk.com

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