The Week In Review (31 Oct-6 Nov)

What's your favourite week in review?

What’s your favorite week in review?

We round-up the last week in music, including news you might’ve missed, our #SongOfTheDay playlist and Classic Of The Week

Guess who’s back, back again. Songwriting’s back, tell a friend. That’s right folks, your beloved Team Songwriting are back to update you on what we and the world have been up to since this time last week. And what might that be we hear you ask? Well…

Suffice to say we didn’t go trick or treating. What, you’re disappointed? Well you shouldn’t be. We spent our time watching the best that 90s’ teen horror films could offer up. That’s right, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends, The Faculty, Campfire Tales and, of course, Scream. Now, though, we have the treats that you’ve been waiting for. No tricks, it’s music, music, music for you. So, dear readers, what’s your favorite week in review? Answers on a post card please, or just comment below…

Classic Of The Week

‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton (1973)

We know that you know we love Dolly, but what we know is that you do too – every sane person does. Dolly’s second solo No 1 single on the country charts and the title track of her magnificent 13th solo album, Jolene is not just a classic of the week, it’s one of the finest songs ever recorded by anyone, anywhere any time. Dolly, we are forever in your debt.

News this week

  • Speaking to Vanity Fair, Adele has spoken frankly about her drinking, admitting that during the making of 21 she was imbibing heavily. “I was completely off my face writing that album,” she confessed, before adding that since becoming a mother she has cut back substantially.
  • Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ smash hit Uptown Funk is the subject of a copyright lawsuit by members of 80s electrofunk outfit Collage, who say the track has “deliberately and clearly copied” their 1983 single Young Girls.
  • A first draft of the letter John Lennon wrote to the Queen in 1969, returning his MBE in protest against the Vietnam War, has surfaced inside the sleeve of a 7-inch single purchased at a car boot sale 20 years ago. It’s been valued at around £60,000 ($74,800).
  • Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has posted a track called Range Rover Bitch online. It’s the first track to be made public from his forthcoming solo album KOTA.
  • “Rock has reached a dead end. The only people saying things that matter are the rappers.” Not words we’d expect to hear from Roger Daltrey, but that’s what he told reporters at California’s recent Desert Trip festival. Just wait till he discovers grime…

Songs Of The Week

Song: Bang Boom
Artist: Lao Ra

Song: Would You Be
Artist: Willie J Healey

Song: Please Don’t
Artist: Louise Golbey

Song: Can’t Give It Up
Artist: Ekkah

Song: Amen
Artist: RITUAL

Song: Little One
Artist: Highly Suspect

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