Fender launches new amp and app combo

Fender Mustang GT Series and Fender Tone app
Fender Mustang GT Series and Fender Tone app

Fender Tone app (left) designed to work with the new Mustang GT Series amps

Physical and digital worlds collide with the guitar brand’s first Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-enabled Mustang GT amplifier and free Fender Tone app

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) has announced the dual introduction of the brand’s second, free mobile app, Fender Tone, in conjunction with the launch of the new Mustang GT Amplifier Series, that work in tandem. Fender Digital has dubbed the new iPhone and Android application the “ultimate companion app” to the addition of three new Mustang GT amplifiers: GT 40, GT 100 and GT 200.

The new Mustang GT offers enhanced signal processing and a new interface. Utilising Fender’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled amplifier, players will have the ability to manage 1000s of presets created by Fender sound engineers, notable artists and guitarists, as well as players from the Mustang community. Users can edit effects, share their own presets, create setlists for performances, download upgrades via Wi-Fi and stream music through the Mustang GT amplifiers via Bluetooth technology.

The Fender Mustang GT amplifiers themselves are available in three different sizes to suit different scenarios: the GT 40 is the smallest of the series with two six-inch speakers pushing out 40W, the GT 100 has a single 12-inch speaker with 100W and the GT 200 is the biggest of the bunch with twin 12-inch speakers with a total power output of 200W. The new amps have all had an upgraded interface with a full-colour LCD display to change any presets or parameters. Digital models and effects onboard provide 21 amp sounds, ranging from the fan-favourite ’59 Bassman to modern metal, and 47 effects including reverb, delay, overdrive and modulation like chorus and flanger.

“We’re proud to introduce our latest innovations to one of the best-selling series in Fender history,” declared Fender’s Jim Ninesling. “Our first dual launch alongside Fender Digital is an exciting moment, which will not only provide players with endless digital amplifier features, but also give users the option to use the Fender Tone app for preset and setlist organisation.”

The Fender Tone app is free to download now in the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store, while the Mustang GT amplifier series is available now priced at £195 (GT 40), £325 (GT 100) and £440 (GT 200). To learn more about the app visit tone.fender.com and for technical specs on the amps go to fender.com/MustangGT

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