Girl in a field songwriting

How to maintain the stream of songwriting ideas

November 17, 2015 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Being prolifically creative can be challenging for any songwriter. Here Mylène Besançon offers some tips for keeping the juices flowing… Tags: , , ,

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival: last call for entries

May 16, 2015 in News

If you’d like to submit a song to this year’s song contest, be quick: the deadline’s been extended till Wednesday… Tags: , , , , ,

Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor: Finding your lyrics

March 10, 2015 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Struggling with writing your lyrics? Award-winning UK singer-songwriter Jane Taylor shares some useful ideas for getting the creative juices flowing… Tags: , , , , , , ,

Nashville Songwriter

Book review: ‘Nashville Songwriter’ by Jake Brown

October 23, 2014 in Gear

Jake Brown has written an insightful book looking at the methods of the 20 most influential songwriters in country music… Tags: , , ,

classic music cd

Writing away from your instrument

August 12, 2014 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Struggling to come up with ideas? Sitting slaving over a hot piano isn’t necessarily the best solution, says Ken Chapple…… Tags: , , , ,

Frettie carousel


June 21, 2014 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

Want feedback on your work from fellow songwriters, without getting abuse from trolls? This new online community is for you!… Tags: , , , , ,

Van Dyke Parks

Sodajerker presents… Van Dyke Parks

January 20, 2014 in Features, Interviews

The Sodajerker team catch up with a truly unique songwriter who’s worked with everyone from the Beach Boys to Skrillex… Tags: , , , ,

Playing piano

The four mistakes that hold your songwriting back

December 7, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Ryan Buckner looks at some common mistakes made by songwriters, why they hold you back and how to avoid them… Tags: , , ,

Playing piano

Songwriting technique: The art of imitative composition

November 19, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Imitation isn’t just a sincere form of flattery, it’s also a good way for novice melody-makers to hone their craft… Tags: , , ,

Isle Of Noises

Book review: ‘Isle Of Noises’ by Daniel Rachel

October 7, 2013 in Gear

This book sets out to do for British artists what ‘Songwriters On Songwriting’ did for their US counterparts – and… Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Lisa Redford

Lisa Redford: The songwriting process

September 28, 2013 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

This month, all-singing, all-songwriting columnist Lisa looks at the songwriting process and reveals some of her own sources of inspiration… Tags: ,

UB40 Food For Thought video

How I wrote… ‘Food For Thought’ by UB40’s Robin Campbell

September 15, 2013 in Features, Interviews

In the first article in a new series, Songwriting gets the story behind the legendary British reggae band’s breakthrough single… Tags: , , , ,

guitar tips CAROUSEL

Ten tips for the guitar-playing songwriter

August 18, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Berkleemusic Ambassador James Linderman offers up some advice for those who do the bulk of their songwriting on the guitar… Tags: , , , , , , ,

Pyramid 'Music Theory, Songwriting and the Piano' book

Book review: Music Theory, Songwriting And The Piano

July 31, 2013 in Gear

A new producer-focused training textbook and accompanying DVD on workflow techniques needed for effectively creating, composing and recording music projects… Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Chord sequences

Chord sequences: What’s wrong with C, F and G?

June 17, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

What have The Troggs and Green Day got in common? An appreciation for 12-bar blues chord progressions for one thing… Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Lisa Redford

Lisa Redford: Using social media

May 21, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Columnist Lisa Redford is a British singer-songwriter based in NYC. This month, she looks at promoting yourself via social media… Tags: , , , , , ,

halmay carousel 3

Book extract: Songwriting at the birth of rock & roll

May 14, 2013 in Features, Interviews

In this exclusive extract from his memoirs, veteran songwriter Andy Halmay reveals how he came to write for Carl Perkins… Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

The Backbeat

How rhythm changes between verse and chorus

November 29, 2012 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Though it may seem to defy musical logic, chorus rhythms are usually longer than verse rhythms. Gary Ewer explains why…… Tags: , , , , ,

Seb Stone

Doing it himself: Seb Stone

November 26, 2012 in Features, Interviews

Songwriting meets a young London singer-songwriter as he releases a new self-produced EP. Actually, make that singer-songwriter-producer. Or rather, singer-songwriter-drummer-guitarist-bassist-pianist…… Tags: ,

Madalena Alberto

Interview: Madalena Alberto

September 26, 2012 in Features

Songwriting meets a Portuguese singer-songwriter with a background in musical theatre, who’s now going it alone… with a ‘Heart Condition’… Tags: ,