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Art Of Songwriting
Art Of Songwriting

The Art Of Songwriting: how to create, think and live like a songwriter

The Song Foundry’s ‘The Art Of Songwriting’ by Ed Bell covers the creative and life skills songwriters need to succeed

Songwriting training website The Song Foundry has announced the worldwide release of The Art Of Songwriting by Ed Bell. The book covers the broad range of creative and life skills songwriters need to succeed in 2017: not just how to use things like rhyme, melody and structure, but how to be creative, how to collaborate, how to learn new things and – most of all – how to be an artist.

The book was born out of the author’s experiences as a young songwriter in London and later New York. “When I was just starting out I read songwriting books that focus on the craft of lyric writing, or how to start a songwriting workshop, or how the music industry works, aimed at students or enthusiasts or young professionals or whatever,” explains Bell. “But I wanted to write a book for all songwriters, about the thing that unites all of us – that we’re artists.”

In The Art of Songwriting, Bell talks about understanding songwriting principles as tools not rules, how the creative process works with ways to maximize creative potential, how songs work (rhyme, structure, melody, music and lyrics, what it means to be an artist and why songs are about much more than words and music.

Ed Bell’s The Art Of Songwriting: How To Create, Think And Live Like A Songwriter is available in paperback on Amazon in the US, UK and mainland Europe, and at bookstores worldwide. It is also available as an e-book direct from The Song Foundry, and on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. Find out more at

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