Francesca de Valence

Dear songwriter (are you done waiting?)

August 26, 2019 in Features, Tips & Techniques

In her latest letter, regular columnist Francesca de Valence encourages you to get writing, every day, and keep on writing…

Anoushka Lucas

The 10 things I learned about songwriting from writing for theatre

July 12, 2019 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Multi-lingual songwriter, composer, actress and performer Anoushka Lucas shares some invaluable lessons learned from her time spent treading the boards…

Four strategies for improving your lyrics

Four strategies for improving your lyrics

July 10, 2019 in Songwriting Magazine Spring 2019, Tips & Techniques

Nashville songwriting coach Mark Cawley gives us an extract from his book ‘Song Journey’, offering some helpful advice for lyricists…

Dear songwriter (who struggles to write good songs)

July 9, 2019 in Features, Tips & Techniques

In the first of a new regular column, the I Heart Songwriting Club founder encourages you to write, write, write…

Barry Blue

Barry Blue’s tips on surviving for 50 years as a songwriter

May 23, 2019 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

The legendary British songwriter and producer offers some wise words for anyone wanting a lasting career in the music-making business…

How To Become An Artist Songwriter

How to become an artist songwriter

March 28, 2019 in Songwriting Magazine Winter 2018, Tips & Techniques

Nashville musician and songwriting coach Mark Cawley talks from first-hand experience about being both a solo artist and a writer-for-hire…


RuthAnne’s 10 tips on transitioning from songwriter to artist

November 23, 2018 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

This successful Irish songwriter is making her move for solo stardom. Here are her tips on how to change lane…

Writing in character

Five tips for effective writing in character

October 30, 2018 in Songwriting Magazine Autumn 2018, Tips & Techniques

Drawing on his experience of writing and directing a full staged musical, Steve Kopandy shares his advice on crafting songs…

J R Harbidge

J R Harbidge’s songwriting tips

September 24, 2018 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

The rocker from the Black Country shares some techniques to help make your melodic ideas and song structures more palatable…

Dave Rotheray

David Rotheray’s 10 tips for songwriting after an extended break

July 19, 2018 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

The former Beautiful South guitarist offers some advice for any songwriters hoping to return to the craft after a break…

Christina Martin

Christina Martin’s 10 tips on songwriting, music and life!

March 22, 2018 in Features, Tips & Techniques

The Canadian singer-songwriter extols the virtues of daily routine, following your heart, journaling, wearing blinders, hiring musicians and saying ‘no’…

Piano keys

10 tips for getting started as a songwriter

March 19, 2017 in Features, Tips & Techniques

ACM’s Ivor Novello-winning songwriting tutor goes back to basics with advice for anyone wanting to get their creative juices flowing…

Songwriting tips: The introverted songwriter’s guide to co-writing

November 5, 2016 in Features, Tips & Techniques

We get five practical nuggets of advice for the less outgoing of songwriters out there, from SongwriterLink’s founder Lisa Occhino…

Songwriting – capturing song ideas

Songwriting tips: Five ways to capture song ideas

September 12, 2016 in Features, Tips & Techniques

During our interviews, we asked five top songwriters how they capture those magical snippets of melodies, phrases and song titles.…

Girl in a field songwriting

How to maintain the stream of songwriting ideas

November 17, 2015 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Being prolifically creative can be challenging for any songwriter. Here Mylène Besançon offers some tips for keeping the juices flowing…

Helen Reddington

Helen Reddington: Songwriting spaces

June 28, 2014 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Songwriting a walk in the park? Helen thinks so, and suggests some other creative spaces that’ll get the juices flowing…

Harmonic quality of chords

Songwriting technique: Harmonic quality of chords

March 17, 2014 in Features, Tips & Techniques

First of a two-part article, in which Berklee Music’s James Linderman looks at chord quality and the moods they create…

Playing piano

Songwriting technique: The art of imitative composition

November 19, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Imitation isn’t just a sincere form of flattery, it’s also a good way for novice melody-makers to hone their craft…

Making better use of dynamics in songwriting

Making better use of dynamics

October 10, 2013 in Features, Tips & Techniques

Ryan Buckner takes us through the fundamentals of musical dynamics, the element that brings light and shade to your songwriting…