EXCLUSIVE! ‘Gallop’ by Cyphered Threads

August 1, 2017 in Music, News

This week’s exclusive track is a seven minute epic from a musical ensemble who’ve drawn comparison with Nine Inch Nails…

Todd Rundgren

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Deaf Ears’ by Todd Rundgren

April 25, 2017 in Music, News

Today we have the great pleasure of bringing you an exclusive from a songwriter who should need absolutely no introduction…

Keroscene Cotton Candy Storm O.K

Cotton Candy/Storm O.K. by Keroscene (Single)

March 5, 2015 in Music

They’re just a year into their career but Keroscene are already writing with the assurance of noise-rock’s most accomplished veterans…

Lisa Redford

Lisa Redford: Cover versions

November 19, 2014 in Features, Interviews, Tips & Techniques

Need a break from writing? Our regular columnist looks at the fine art of making a familiar song your own……

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor is working with Apple on new music products

November 2, 2014 in News

Nine Inch Nails frontman and songwriter Trent Reznor has revealed that he has been designing new music products with Apple…