Unheard Smiths and Morrissey recordings surface online



A Morrissey fan site has posted some previously unheard demos, including a trumpet-laden version of ‘Never Had No One Ever’

Fans of The Smiths and Morrissey will be excited to learn that a clutch of previously unheard recordings have surfaced online. Believed to be early demos of some well-known tracks, the recordings were shared on Soundcloud by Morrissey fan site Morrissey-Solo.com.

The tracks in question are Nobody Loves Us, Bengali In Platforms, He Knows I’d Love To See Him, Boy Racer and Southpaw by Moz, plus Never Had No One Ever by The Smiths. The latter, which you can hear below, is particularly worthy of your attention – with its parping trumpet and laughter, it’s very different from the version we all know and love from The Queen Is Dead.

We’re not sure how long these will be available, so we’d suggest checking them out pronto! All the relevant Soundcloud links can be found here.

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