UK music industry remains male dominated


The UK music indusrty continues to be overwhelmingly white and male. Image by Denis Bocquet. Creative Commons

New diversity study shows that white men continue to hold the majority of senior positions in the UK music industry

Figures from a new diversity study carried out by UK Music has found that 70% of the the top jobs in the UK music industry are occupied by men, with only 11% of these jobs being held by people from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background.

The study evaluated the balance of gender and racial equality in the industry, looking at roles from intern level up to the most senior roles. The results showed that despite accounting for 60% of intern positions and 59% of entry-level roles, women currently hold only 30% of the most senior positions in the UK music industry. When looking at age, the study found that women account for more than 50% of jobs between 25 and 34, with this figure falling to 33% between 45 and 64.

Workers from BAME backgrounds were found to occupy 24% of intern level and 20% of entry level roles. However, this compared poorly with senior roles, with only 11% of the top jobs in the UK music industry filled by workers from workers from BAME backgrounds.

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