Noel Gallagher to write a Bond theme?

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher

Double Oasis. Image by Christopher Johnson. Creative Commons

Well the Mancunian songwriter certainly will be if he has it his way, after confirming he would “in a heartbeat”

It’s one of music’s true pinnacles and Noel Gallagher has answered the question that had been praying on the minds 007 fans everywhere, after he confirmed that he would indeed bite your hand off to pen the title track to a James Bond film.

Gallagher made the confession in an interview with The Sunday Times, stating: “If I was asked to write a Bond song, yeah, sure. The thing is, I’ve never had to chase anything,” though he admitted that he would take up the chance “in a heartbeat.”

However his enthusiasm wasn’t matched by his confidence, as he explained: “They usually want people who are famous in America, don’t they? I’m only famous in Manchester. And bits of south London.”

His main ambition, though, is simply to be the best songwriter he can: “With Oasis, starting that band seemed impossible, and all my ambitions have seemed impossible, so I’m not remotely ambitious for anything that is attainable. Now I’ve done a bit, I don’t really give a fuck any more about achieving anything. I just want to write the best songs I can.”

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