Songwriting interviews, inspirational stories, new artist showcases and more…

We talk to up-and-coming artists and big names alike to get the inside story on their songwriting techniques and on how they got to where they are today, while experienced hired songwriters share some of their ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Adam Young AKA Owl City


How I wrote ‘Fireflies’ by Adam Young (Owl City)

The singer-songwriter-producer explains how insomnia, a new synth and Blink-182 inspired a multi-platinum single that topped charts across the globe…

Geoff Wilkinson: how to win friends and collaborate


Geoff Wilkinson: how to win friends and collaborate

If you’re a vocalist/topliner looking for a collaboration, then the Us3 and YLD producer has some top tips for you…

Dave Davies


How I wrote ‘Death Of A Clown’ by The Kinks’ Dave Davies

The lead guitarist, songwriter and singer of the influential English 60s rock band tells of his classic track’s haunting origins…



How I wrote ‘I Alone’ by Live’s Ed Kowalczyk

25 years after ‘Throwing Copper’ went global, we learn the story of the song that helped it on its way…

Attaque and Korg MS-20


Songs In The Key Of… The Korg MS-20

DJ and producer Attaque (aka Dominic Gentry) picks out a selection of tracks which were built using the classic synth…

Diary of Ruarri Joseph


Diary Of A Songwriter: Ruarri Joseph

The William The Conqueror frontman delves back into his family history to chronicle the evolution of a deeply personal song…

The Album That Changed Everything (Spring 2019)


The Album That Changed Everything (Spring 2019)

Some of our favourite past Songwriting interviewees reveal the seminal albums that have inspired them the most over the years…

River Nelson


River Nelson’s tips on staying resilient as a lyricist

The New Yorker draws on three decades as a hip-hop artist to offer some invaluable advice to any would-be wordsmiths…

How I wrote 'Labour Of Love' by Hue & Cry


How I wrote ‘Labour Of Love’ by Hue & Cry’s Greg and Pat Kane

From a Latin disco drumbeat to a politically charged lyric, here’s the story behind the 80s pop duo’s biggest hit…

The Heavy's Kelvin Swaby


Song Deconstructed: ‘Better As One’ by The Heavy

The West Country alternative punk band’s singer Kelvin Swaby reveals some surprising sociological and political observations behind their latest single…

Guy Chambers


How I wrote Robbie Williams’ ‘Millennium’ by Guy Chambers

Robbie’s writing partner talks us through the pair’s creative process and how it spawned their first No 1 single together…

How I wrote 'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers


How I wrote ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz

The frontman explains how their breakthrough hit single was inspired by a decidedly uninspiring period spent living in New York…

Scott Lavene


Diary Of A Songwriter: Scott Lavene

Our latest diarist overcomes his existential angst in order to have a hugely productive week, complete with mass muesli consumption…

Kawala by Sarah Louise Bennett


Introducing… Kawala

We get to know an alt-indie duo from London who skilfully capture their energetic live shows in their studio recordings…

Barry Blue


Barry Blue’s tips on surviving for 50 years as a songwriter

The legendary British songwriter and producer offers some wise words for anyone wanting a lasting career in the music-making business…

Eagle-Eye Cherry


How I wrote ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle-Eye Cherry

When this pop-rock classic landed on both sides of the Atlantic it became a self-fulfilling prophecy for its creator…

Alex Toth. Photo: Michael Leviton


Diary Of A Songwriter: Alex Toth

Things get increasingly meta when this diary entry from the Tōth man form the basis of a brand new song…

The Lighthouse Family's Paul Tucker


Interview: Lighthouse Family’s Paul Tucker

Finally returning with a new album, we catch up with the pop-soul duo’s songwriter still searching for his Holy Grail…


Songs In The Key Of… Tucson, Arizona

Gabriel Sullivan and Brian Lopez of XIXA assume the role of tour guides as we head into the Arizonan desert…

Midnight Oil


How I wrote ‘Beds Are Burning’ by Midnight Oil’s Rob Hirst

Detailing the plight of Australia’s First Nations people, this rock anthem found an international audience upon its release in 1987…


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