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We talk to up-and-coming artists and big names alike to get the inside story on their songwriting techniques and on how they got to where they are today, while experienced hired songwriters share some of their ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

How I Wrote 'Zombie' by The Cranberries


How I wrote ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan

Before the Irish band’s singer tragically died in 2018, she told us how this classic 90s rock song was created…

'Elusive' by Scott Matthews in 'How I Wrote' the book


How I wrote ‘Elusive’ by Scott Matthews

The Wolverhampton singer-songwriter reveals how his debut single earned him a tour with Foo Fighters and an Ivor Novello award…

Charles Esten


Interview: Charles Esten

With a UK tour just around the corner, the country star and actor takes us through a lifetime of songwriting…

How I wrote 'Connected' by Stereo MCs' Rob Birch


How I wrote ‘Connected’ by Stereo MCs’ Rob Birch

The frontman explains how their most famous song is a long and winding tale of riots, London buses and underpants…

Leslie Stevens’ Songwriting Survival Kit


Leslie Stevens’ Songwriting Survival Kit

Whether it’s her sketchbook, guitar or an open mind, these are the essential items the LA-based singer-songwriter can’t do without…

Wilco. Photo: Austin Nelson


Songs In The Key Of… Wilco

With a comprehensive new book about Jeff Tweedy’s band on the horizon, its author walks us through 12 essential tracks…

Gethen Jenkins


Introducing… Gethen Jenkins

The former marine has embraced outlaw country and his debut album is one of the year’s most exciting new offerings…

How I wrote 'Silence Is Easy' by Starsailor


How I wrote ‘Silence Is Easy’ by Starsailor’s James Walsh

The indie band’s frontman on creating their two-chord, Phil Spector-produced hit single, and how easy it is to sing drunk!…

Eli Musser


Song Deconstructed: ‘Die To Be With You’ by Eli Musser

A true student of popular music, this New York songwriter invites us to learn a thing or two about love…

Scouting For Girls in Songwriting Magazine


How I wrote ‘She’s So Lovely’ by Scouting For Girls’ Roy Stride

The pop-rock band’s frontman explains how their debut hit took two years of tweaking and “dicking around on the piano”…



KLARA’s Songwriting Survival Kit

The Justin Vernon-approved Swedish singer-songwriter talks us through her essential gear, which includes an Omnichord and a good mic setting…

Frank Turner


Song Deconstructed: ‘The Death Of Dora Hand’ by Frank Turner

The punk and folk singer-songwriter reveals the inspiration and craft that went into a track about an 1800s vaudeville star…

How I wrote 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' by Travis


How I wrote ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ by Travis’ Fran Healy

The Glaswegian frontman talks about piecing together their precipitative breakthrough hit single in the arid climes of Israel and Spain…

Adam Green by Pete Voelker


Five minutes with… Adam Green

Returning with a dystopian new album and graphic novel, the anti-folk pioneer gives us an insight into his writing methods…

How I wrote 'Girl From Mars' by Ash


How I wrote ‘Girl From Mars’ by Ash’s Tim Wheeler

The Northern Irish frontman recalls how a song he wrote as a 16-year-old schoolboy became the rock band’s breakthrough hit…

How I wrote 'Forever Lost' by The Magic Numbers


How I wrote ‘Forever Lost’ by The Magic Numbers’ Romeo Stodart

The English pop-rockers’ songwriter tells us how their debut single managed to blend an uplifting melody with a darker lyric…

Emma King


Song-by-Song: ‘The Sun And The Blues’ by Emma King

British songwriter Emma King takes us through her new mini-album which was inspired by her surroundings in Memphis and Nashville…

Timothy Showalter's Songwriting Survival Kit


Timothy Showalter’s Songwriting Survival Kit

The Indiana-based singer-songwriter behind acclaimed alt-rock outfit Strand Of Oaks takes us into his world and reveals his essential gear…

Aaron Lee Tasjan


Interview: Aaron Lee Tasjan

The Americana troubadour talks us through his influences, the making of his latest album, and the voices in his head…

The End Of America


Song Deconstructed: ‘Monsters’ by The End Of America

Brendon Thomas takes apart his band’s new song which was inspired by the plight of children in his US homeland…


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