Song Feedback

Song Feedback

Top-tier members are invited to submit their songs for feedback from the Songwriting editorial team, industry experts and professional songwriters

Are you a passionate songwriter looking to elevate your craft? Songwriting Magazine’s Platinum members have an exclusive opportunity to receive personalised feedback on their songs from a panel of seasoned experts. This unique service is designed to provide invaluable insights, helping you hone your skills and take your songwriting to new heights.

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How It Works

Once a month, Platinum members can submit a song, along with lyrics and request any specific areas they’d like feedback on. Our expert panel, consisting of accomplished songwriters, journalists, and songwriting tutors, meticulously reviews each submission. Led by our editor Duncan Haskell, the panel currently includes James Linderman, an academic ambassador to Berklee College of Music, and Rachel Walker Mason, a multi-award-winning songwriter.

Tailored Feedback

Within a few weeks, you’ll receive a bespoke PDF, detailing what the experts appreciate about your song and offering constructive suggestions for improvement. The feedback is not only positive and encouraging but also dives into the nitty-gritty of songwriting elements, whether it’s the production, lyrics, music, or an overall assessment.

One member shared their experience, saying…

It was the detailed and meticulous nature of the feedback that is so helpful to read. To receive suggestions as to how to improve the song will give me food for thought and hopefully influence future songs. Such high-quality feedback is going to result in more of my songs arriving on your desk!

Exclusive Platinum Benefits

Apart from the songwriting feedback service, Platinum members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including a member profile on the Songwriting Magazine website and a copy of our How I Wrote book. This all-inclusive package, priced from just £9 per month (when billed annually), also provides access all 30+ issues of our digital magazine, a members-only podcast, and much more.

Your Songwriting Journey Starts Here

Don’t miss this chance to receive personalized guidance from industry experts. Whether you’re a platinum member or considering an upgrade, take advantage of Songwriting Magazine’s feedback service to refine your artistry, gain confidence, and become the best songwriter you can be.

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