Fleet Foxes frontman working on new solo album

Robin Pecknold
Robin Pecknold

Fans of Robin Pecknold and Fleet Foxes have much new music to look forward to. Image by Penguinstorm. Creative Commons

Frontman Robin Pecknold has confirmed to fans of the band that he is currently working on a new solo album

It’s been five years since Robin Pecknold released his solo EP Three Songs and five years since Fleet Foxes released their hugely successful second album Helplessness Blues. Now, though, fans of both can look forward to a new solo album from Pecknold and two new Fleet Foxes albums.

Speaking to a fan on Instagram, Pecknold said that Fleet Foxes fourth album would be released: “within 24 months of LP3 according to contract.” He went on to say that Fleet Foxes fourth album wasn’t “written at all”, because “everything has gone into LP3, but a solo album is pretty [much] written and [we] will be working on four as soon as three is done.”

Pecknold added that he was keeping the work on his solo album “so casual” as he is “not trying to stir the pot with that at all.”

Fleet Foxes released their self-titled debut album in 2008 to much fanfare, with the album eventually achieving Platinum status in the UK and Gold status in the US. Their 2011 follow-up Helplessness Blues reached Gold status in the UK. Pecknold released Three Songs for free in 2011.

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